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We are a privately owned, progressive veterinary ophthalmology practice offering comprehensive evaluations, advanced diagnostics (ERG, Gonioscopy, Ocular Ultrasound, etc.) and both medical and surgical therapies (Ciliary Body Ablation, Cryoepilation, Phacoemulsfications, etc.) for our patients. Established in 2013, Integrative Ophthalmology for Pets started out by renting space from various general practice animal clinics in order to have room for exams. As our clientele grew, so did our company. We have moved from renting exam rooms to having our own location near the heart of the Mid-Wilshire district.

Our services include a wide range of integrative therapies, mixing Eastern and Western medical recommendations for our patients. We also promote general ocular wellness and food therapy based on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).

Our Mission Statement

To create a balanced and preventative ocular health care plan based on a thorough ophthalmic examination and recognition of each patient as a whole and unique individual. 

We intend to reinforce our commitment daily by:

  • Honoring the relationship between our clients and their pets
  • Providing the highest quality ophthalmic care and actively engaging clients in their pet’s health care treatment plan
  • Promoting education about veterinary ophthalmology and preventative care
  • Integrating conventional (‘Western’) and complementary (‘Eastern’) therapies when indicated and appropriate
  • Cultivating a positive atmosphere and always maintaining our integrity
  • 5 star ratingMy 12 year old lab has very cloudy and reflective eyes and just recently started having trouble seeing at night. I was hoping that the issue was cataracts and I researched the best ophthalmologist in a 100 mile radius from me in Orange County and came across Dr. Park. I loved her office. It is very zen like and my dog didn't even notice we were at the vet. On top of the atmosphere, her staff was incredibly nice. I have never met such friendly and helpful people at a vet's office before. One even went as far as to help charge my phone that was running out of battery after the drive up from the OC.Dr. Park and her staff were very gentle and helped calm my dog who is very anxious at the vet. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about my dog's eyes, she has a genetic condition, but she gave us references for some fantastic supplements to try and diet changes to slow down the progression of her eventual blindness. We will be back in a year to have her eyes checked again. Hopefully, we can improve or stop the progression.Thank you to Dr. Park and her staff for taking great care of my dog.

    D.S. T. Avatar
    D.S. T.

    5 star ratingDr Park is a wonderful vet who specializes in eye care. My husky is almost 100% blind from cataracts and she helps us maintain what little sight he has while we try to raise the money for cataract surgery. Her new office is light and clean and she is always easy to talk with about any eye problems. I highly recommend her!

    Jan W. Avatar
    Jan W.
  • 5 star ratingOur basset hound had a blocked tear duct that required surgery. We compared prices, services and chose this location because for a slight upcharge the services were more significant and required less recovery time. I liked the surgeon, who explained all of the procedure and care after the surgery.The kicker is the when all was said and done, they have me a bill that was significantly less than my initial estimate. So I got a higher quality of service from a specialist for less than their competitor?? Sign me up.

    Alex M. Avatar
    Alex M.

    5 star ratingDr. Nancy Park is a brilliant ophthalmologist for dogs. She is the best.  My 14 yr old Pekingese has had chronic eye ulcers and he hates to have his eyes examined. This time his ulcers were in both eyes and very seriously threatened his sight.  He gets very angry and difficult to examine.  I was so impressed with Dr. Park's calm manner and professional eye exam .She was not the least bit intimidated by my dog's yapping and she was able to finish her exam. She explained to me exactly what she found and gave me very specific instructions on how to keep my little Gizmo from getting scratches in his corneas again  She even gave me all natural treats for "calming" and relaxing my dog to help me with putting the drops in his eyes.  She even addressed his diet and what changes I should make in his diet to improve his eyesight.  Dr. Park is awesome and I think the best ophthalmologist in town.  I highly recommend her for your dogs eye problems and health.

    Helaine R. Avatar
    Helaine R.
  • 5 star ratingI can't begin to thank doctor park enough for her amazing care with my sassy shihtzu. Two weeks ago my dog developed what I thought was cataracts on his eye. Our primary vet suggested we see an eye specialist ASAP. With an extensive amount of research for the best care, I found doctor park via yelp. I emailed doctor park on a SUNDAY and she got back to immediately. She helped me schedule an appointment and answered all my questions to help prepare for my pups exam. Day of exam : I arrived early for my appointment. Dr. Park came out to greet me personally and apologized for making me wait. (Even though I'm the one that came early,she still apologized for having me wait ) She is SOO patient, kind and knowledgeable. My dog is extremely rowdy when dealing with strangers. But she took her time to carefully examine him even when he was trying to eat her fingers. Thank you doctor park !! You are amazing !!

    Lesly N. Avatar
    Lesly N.

    Wonderful doctor and staff! Very detailed visit. Great suggestions diagnosis and detailed report of visit. The office is clean and comfortable. Can't say enough great things!

    Melissa Mandracchia Avatar
    Melissa Mandracchia
  • I wish all veterinarians were more like Dr. Nancy Park. The first thing you notice upon meeting Dr. Park is her sagacity...she is professional, wise, knowledgable and confident which instills a feeling of trust that is so important when dealing with your special companion. Besides these qualities, she is also very caring, loving, and patient with my dog, which means the world to me. My sweet little dog, Daisy, is going blind and I'm more than grateful to have Dr. Park in our corner, holding our hands and guiding us through this difficult process. Can't recommend her more highly!l

    Mitzi Spallas Avatar
    Mitzi Spallas

    5 star ratingI got a referral from my regular vet because ulcer on my cat's eye had gotten worse even after 1 wk of treatment.  Dr. Park was very thorough explaining what might have happened with his eye.  She was so gentle with my cat, I was amazed how calm he was the whole time!!  She explained step by step about how she would be treating him and back up options if it didn't work.  However after a day of new treatment she prescribed, he is not squinting his eye as much as he did and his energy level is back!!  I am SO GRATEFUL that I found Dr. Park!  Also she will work with you if you have a pet insurance like I do.

    Jessica Y. Avatar
    Jessica Y.
  • 5 star ratingDr. Park is the BEST!  She has been seeing our dog since 2015, and because of her, his eyes are in the best condition they could be. She is thorough and thoughtful in her examination, diagnosis, and follow up. I am grateful for Dr. Park and everything she has done for our dog to make him comfortable and happy.

    Yvonne L. Avatar
    Yvonne L.

    5 star ratingDr Park was awesome. Symon totally relaxed and allowed her to examine him. She was kind, answered all my questions and I left there greatly relieved. Highly recommended

    Laurent C. Avatar
    Laurent C.
  • 5 star ratingStill 5 stars, Dr Nancy is great, patient in explanting to dog parents and I noticed they have a new online confirmation system for appointments. I also appreciate that they are prompt in responding to emails and sent me my invoices and treatment report quickly. Parking is a little tight in the lot so come prepared for that.

    Arielle V. Avatar
    Arielle V.

    5 star ratingDr Parc treated our Pug with the greatest professionalism, and gave us an ongoing treatment plan.  We've moved to Palm Springs but will be making a trip to LA for a check up--- that;s how good she is.

    Dwade O. Avatar
    Dwade O.
  • 5 star ratingAfter we had Carlton for only 6 weeks he developed cherry eye.  Not knowing what to do we took him to a vet recommended by his breeder in Orange County.  To make a very long story short he had two failed cherry eye surgical procedures, we were quite concerned.   Decided to do my own research online and eventually found Dr. Park.I chose not to write a Yelp review right away as I wanted to be 100% certain that Carlton was perfect.  Dr. Park examined him a couple of times, removed sutures in place by the previous vet.  She recommended a surgical procedure she was confident would work.  Reality is the procedure was 100% successful and our baby Carlton has perfect beautiful eyes today.  We could not be more satisfied.These folks treat your pet with love and care.  This is a wonderful place to go should you unfortunately ever need a veterinary ophthalmologist.  I strongly recommend Dr. Park.   You won't find better.

    Jay A. Avatar
    Jay A.

    5 star ratingDr Park and her technician Elias are a wonderful team! They evaluated the condition of my dog and gave a green light for cataract surgery. Besides the medical care the work is very well organized. Thanks to the office manager Melissa.

    Elena L. Avatar
    Elena L.
  • 5 star ratingMy dog was pawing at a persistently watery eye after having just survived being hospitalized at an animal hospital for lung issues.  I realized the eye problem has been going on for a week and was likely ignored by the expensive yet not so astute vets at that corporate animal hospital ----I examined my dog who had a white oval ring in the watery eye and being in the medical field treating humans, I suspected a corneal ulcer.  Took the dog to my vet and a fluorescein stain confirmed this serious problem not to be ignored although not an emergency.  The vet wanted to refer me to an animal ophthalmologist if it had not healed after week of expensive eye drops.  The specialist he had in mind had supposedly saved his dogs eye with minor surgery and a contact lens to help the cornea heal at a time when he had given up and was ready to remove his dogs eye already.  I looked up the specialist and to my horror the Yelp reviews were abominable in regards to that specialist having an apparent personality disorder, outrageous costs and rude staffby several Yelper experiences.  I had recently hospitalized my poor dog and have already paid thru the nose for specialists including a cardiologist, internist and Critical care .  Here I go to see yet another specialist for my dog not to go I anticipate my bank account dwindling...but I'll be damned If I'm about to drop money on some irritating specialist no matter how competent.   I feel satisfied having chosen Dr Park.  She is not close to my home at all but I was curious about her Eastern Medicine approach.  She and her staff were extremely efficient in communicating from the day I made the appointment to email/text reminders and parking tips.  In fact I was the idiot dog parent  distracted by my dogs cardiac condition traveling in the heat several miles driving to this clinic from the Valley and underestimating the traffic so that despite precautions I was still 30 min late.  Despite that, I did not wait long to get in the exam room.  They wasted no time shaming me for my error which cost me time that could've been spent going over nutrition and preventive care.  My dog got a compassionate and thorough eye exam. Dr Park explained my dogs corneal problem and answered questions at my level (knowing I treat humans) but at the same time did not overestimate my comprehension since I neither specialize in dogs nor eyes.  Her treatment plan was sound for my dogs age (13 yrs)and she did not upsell surgery since surgery would not prevent recurrence of the condition.  The part I most appreciated was I got a thorough 2 page written emailed summary of my dogs diagnosis, treatment plan and rationale for her choices for my dog so my vet and I would completely understand what's going on and where she's coming from.  She stayed she did this since she knows clients don't retain what is discussed in the consultation.  I know that is true even from treating people.  She also emailed me the nutritional info I missed out on.I wish all my dogs specialists would be the same as Dr Park in communicating.  In fact they're usually very dodgy to even provide copies of her records /X-rays and for sure are uncomfortable once they find out I specialize in treating humans with heart and lung conditions and they're trying to sell me on an invasive procedure for my dog which makes no medical sense and would only torture her.  Even if they had a good rationale , I've encountered many animal specialists sadly, with poor bedside manner and communication skills such that I end up frustrated or uneducated about what's best for the dog.  A dog ophthalmologist is never going to be cheap but Dr Park was worth the trip, the time, and the money.  I just hope that she and her office staff are able to maintain this as their practice grows.

    Aj A. Avatar
    Aj A.

    5 star ratingHad my first appt today. Dr. Park knew pretty much immediately what was wrong. Dr & staff were so nice! & efficient. No waiting around. If you have insurance, they will itemize your bill for you. I will brave the traffic in K-town for this place. :)

    R S. Avatar
    R S.
  • 5 star ratingI read Yelp reviews and try to get a sense of any practice before I see them. Dr. Park had nothing but accolades and kind words for her practice. All were well-deserved. A lot of opthalmology docs got great reviews but were dragged down by the inefficiency of support staff. This is a well-run ship. It's scary and expensive to entrust a doctor with your dog's eyes. My original vet suggested drastic cutting and plastic surgery reconstruction. Dr. Park was compassionate, common-sense, and practical in discussions about steps to remove tumors from my elderly dog's eyelids. I understood it all and I was impressed with the Integrative medicine approach. I worked at Duke Medical Center. Integrative approaches DO work. Dr. Park supplied simple suggestions for appropriate diets for my dog (big and furry) and ways to help supplement her immune system at her age. It was all good and informative. I told friends I was totally comfortable with my pet in their care after my initial exam. I picked up my (130 lb) little girl today after surgery and she LOOKS great after having 5 tumors removed from her eyelids. And you know what? At the end of the day, it cost about the same to go THIS practice to have a delicate procedure performed. The difference was that this was well-done, minimally invasive, and performed by a specialist in that field. I am so glad I came here. My doggie is too.

    Jeffery C. Avatar
    Jeffery C.

    5 star ratingTruly a great place for all your dogs eye care needs. Dr. Nancy Park & her staff really care about your pet. In a sea of specialists here in Los Angeles do yourself the trouble and look no further. Like most, I'm very particular about my pets getting the best care - Dr. Park is not only a very intelligent specialist in her field but she has a huge heart and works hard. I drive from Hermosa Beach to the west side because I trust her work so much. Highly recommend.

    Julianne A. Avatar
    Julianne A.
  • 5 star ratingOur Pitbull mix Dollar, for about three years, had an issue with his right eye that made him tear up and squint. We took him to Dr. Park two years ago and he was diagnosed with entropion but we were very hesitant to commit to surgery. Instead of steamrolling our concerns about surgery, Dr. Park and her wonderful vet techs tried everything to allay his eye issue non-surgically and recommended diet tips as well (Dollar also has a lot of skin allergies). Finally we decided the only way to truly fix his condition was with surgery and now he's doing much better! They were very transparent and upfront with what the procedure would involve and the cost. All our questions and concerns were answered promptly and they were wonderful handling our dog, who is not the easiest dog to deal with (he's super energetic and strong). I'm really happy to see both of Dollar's eyes again and I'm very pleased that his recovery went pretty smoothly. I also appreciate how after every visit you get emailed a very thorough recap of what was discussed. These are people who truly care and want the best for your pet. Thank you so much Dr. Park!

    Sara S. Avatar
    Sara S.

    5 star ratingIt's been a few months since I first saw the cloudiness in my dogs eye and it's been about a little over a week since I noticed her eye really bothering her. I decided to take my dog to the vet and the doctor recommended I see an ophthalmologist so right away I went on Yelp and found Dr. Park. Integrative ophthalmology was amazing, clean and extremely informative. I'm so happy I found Dr. Park and the veterinary technicians that helped with my anxious pup. The initial exam is extremely efficient while also making sure my baby was comfortable or at least as comfortable as she could be. They sent me home with the right meds and everything I need to do to make her eye feel and get better. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to help their pets eyes and I'm so grateful I found Dr. Park. Going back for a follow u in 3 weeks!

    Gabby F. Avatar
    Gabby F.
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