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We are a privately owned, progressive veterinary ophthalmology practice offering comprehensive evaluations, advanced diagnostics (ERG, Gonioscopy, Ocular Ultrasound, etc.) and both medical and surgical therapies (Ciliary Body Ablation, Cryoepilation, Phacoemulsfications, etc.) for our patients. Established in 2013, Integrative Ophthalmology for Pets started out by renting space from various general practice animal clinics in order to have room for exams. As our clientele grew, so did our company. We have moved from renting exam rooms to having our own location near the heart of the Mid-Wilshire district.

Our services include a wide range of integrative therapies, mixing Eastern and Western medical recommendations for our patients. We also promote general ocular wellness and food therapy based on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).

Our Mission Statement

To create a balanced and preventative ocular health care plan based on a thorough ophthalmic examination and recognition of each patient as a whole and unique individual. 

We intend to reinforce our commitment daily by:

  • Honoring the relationship between our clients and their pets
  • Providing the highest quality ophthalmic care and actively engaging clients in their pet’s health care treatment plan
  • Promoting education about veterinary ophthalmology and preventative care
  • Integrating conventional (‘Western’) and complementary (‘Eastern’) therapies when indicated and appropriate
  • Cultivating a positive atmosphere and always maintaining our integrity
  • 5 star ratingThis review is long overdue...., Dr. Park is the best at what she does!!!!!!!!! This is how visiting the vet should be like. When you find a good vet, you hold on to them and remember them because the really good ones are so hard to find. There are so many bad ones out there.I absolutely love and adore Dr. Park for how she treats and looks after my dogs. She is the ultimate professional. I only just wish that she offered other veterinary services.

    Ephu B. Avatar
    Ephu B.
  • 5 star ratingMy dog came in back in February. The office is clean, staff were all very nice and attentive. Dr. Park did the consultation exam, was given the option to treat his eye or remove it, considering he was blind and there was no saving any eyesight. I chose to have the globe removed. They do operations on Wednesday's only, I was nervous for him but they were very reassuring, he got to go home the same day, it does look bruised after surgery. After a week he was back to normal and after 2 weeks bruising went away. It had healed very good. Dr. Park did a fabulous job. If anybody ever has issues with their pets eyes, I recommend going here.

    Monika G. Avatar
    Monika G.
  • 5 star ratingI'm writing another review in regards to Dr. Park and her veterinary services. She is kind, thorough, and honest. Easton's surgery was quite fast. Also, Dr. Park is accommodating. We had to reschedule Easton's surgery once- almost twice - and both times she was very understanding.

    Megz S. Avatar
    Megz S.
  • 5 star ratingDr. Park is AMAZING! She is the sweetest, most informative vet we have taken our pet too. I first called her up for basic information about entropion eye surgery, as we thought our pet was going to be needing it, and much to my surprise she was the one that actually answered the phone! She was very sweet and informative over the phone about what entropion meant and asked to know more about my pup, which made me feel so much more comfortable with the process. I knew right then and there that that was the kind of vet we wanted our little Rosie to. Making an appointment with her was very easy! It was clear she knew exactly what she was doing and what was best for our girl. Our little one is timid, but was able to relax during the intrusive eye exams. We were so proud!Dr. Park is the best out there! All the reviews speak for her demeanor and talent! Love her and her work.

    Denise M. Avatar
    Denise M.
  • 5 star ratingDr Park and her staff were excellent. Very calm and reassuring. Very thorough. It really seemed like they are honestly invested in the animals well-being. The office is clean and welcoming. Dr Park took the time to fully explain everything that was going on, and the coming procedure in language that I could understand. I can't tell you how much that helped. Alleviated a lot of the fear and dread associated with the problem, and let me truly concentrate on how to get my girl well again. The prices are not cheap, but this is a specialist practice, so I wasn't expecting a bargain. I think the prices are fair, and the extra steps taken make it very much worth the money you are spending. They accept CareCredit, so that helps a lot. I would highly recommend IOP to anyone that cares deeply about their pet. I will be posting a follow-up when the procedure is done.

    Jaimes M. Avatar
    Jaimes M.
  • 5 star ratingReally a wonderful and compassionate doctor and staff. They took a lot of time to answer all of my questions and treated my dog Domino with kindness and love for his exam. Unfortunately Domino has SARDS, a condition that is not really yet understood by Vets anywhere, so there isn't really much to be done for Dom aside from experimental treatments. Again, they took me through all of the various options and gave me a realistic prognosis and did it all very very kindly. If your pet has eye issues I highly recommend Dr Park Dorner and her staff. I wish all the doctors me & my dogs see could be like this.

    Chauncey G. Avatar
    Chauncey G.
  • Wonderful doctor and staff! Very detailed visit. Great suggestions diagnosis and detailed report of visit. The office is clean and comfortable. Can't say enough great things!

    Melissa Mandracchia Avatar
    Melissa Mandracchia
  • 5 star ratingDr Park and her technician Elias are a wonderful team! They evaluated the condition of my dog and gave a green light for cataract surgery. Besides the medical care the work is very well organized. Thanks to the office manager Melissa.

    Elena L. Avatar
    Elena L.
  • 5 star ratingThe vet has some concerns with the eyes of our soon-to-be 13 year old dog. After debating taking her to a specialist and researching ophthalmologist options, I was not only convinced to make an appointment for her, but felt like I had found the perfect place to take my little girl and I was right! The paperwork you fill out online prior to the appointment is very thorough, which to me signaled that they cared about her diet, environment, and medical background. Since the appointment was during Covid, they had the amazing option for me to join her exam via Zoom from my vehicle so the doctor could walk me through everything and answer my questions along the way. It was an amazing experience - from the clear instructions to passing her off, getting connected, and following along during the exam with the comprehensive folder they provided that included information to review while they were getting set up, a detailed eye chart for me to review exactly what the doctor was discussing, a note pad and pen for me to write down any questions or information provided to me, and post-exam information. The vet tech re-connected via Zoom after the exam to further discuss medication options, follow up appointments, etc. They were very patient with my dog throughout the exam and with me by answering questions I had throughout the process. I really appreciated the attention given to both me as the caretaker and of my dog before, during, and after the appointment. I loved that there were medicinal and more natural approaches discussed, that I was provided options for her care, and that other factors such as diet were discussed as well. She goes back in a couple of days for her follow up. I've been very excited to see how well she has reacted to treatments for what turned out to be a diagnosis of dry eyes. I'm so glad I took her in - she is in excellent hands with the team here!

    Elizabeth W. Avatar
    Elizabeth W.
  • 5 star ratingOur basset hound had a blocked tear duct that required surgery. We compared prices, services and chose this location because for a slight upcharge the services were more significant and required less recovery time. I liked the surgeon, who explained all of the procedure and care after the surgery.The kicker is the when all was said and done, they have me a bill that was significantly less than my initial estimate. So I got a higher quality of service from a specialist for less than their competitor?? Sign me up.

    Alex M. Avatar
    Alex M.
  • 5 star ratingWe had an awesome experience. Our appointment was at 2:30. We arrive 15 minutes early and parked in one of the assigned parking spots. Melissa, the vet tech, was lovely and took our info/symptoms, and set us up for the zoom call with the vet. She took my dog Roca in at exactly 230, on time!!!. Dr. Park was clear, concise, and kind. I knew exactly what she was doing as she examined Roca and by the end of the meeting, I knew exactly what I needed to do for my girl's eyes. Dr. Park even had Melissa stay on the zoom call after the appointment to demonstrate ways I could more easily get the eyedrops into my dog's eyes. We had all of my pup's medications in hand, my payment processed, ready to leave the parking lot by 3:10 PM.

    Beth K. Avatar
    Beth K.
  • 5 star ratingTruly a great place for all your dogs eye care needs. Dr. Nancy Park & her staff really care about your pet. In a sea of specialists here in Los Angeles do yourself the trouble and look no further. Like most, I'm very particular about my pets getting the best care - Dr. Park is not only a very intelligent specialist in her field but she has a huge heart and works hard. I drive from Hermosa Beach to the west side because I trust her work so much. Highly recommend.

    Julianne A. Avatar
    Julianne A.
  • 5 star ratingWow! (I am late on the review and first time yelping) This place is beyond words! I am soo impressed. I have had my shih tux for 6 years and she got a bad case of cataracts. I wasn't nor did I do my research on time and unfortunately she developed glaucoma. Her first eye was removed by Eye care for animals in Culver City (terrible stupid place) and I was worried and scared to put my dog through that place again so I found this place. Wow! Dr. Park is such a wonderful loving person and her staff. Her entire staff had this warm compassion vibe. It's very relaxing and mellow place even for myself! U walk in here and have to realize to RELAX bc we LA ppl r soo in tune with fast pace crap. Anyways , my pup got her second eye (last eye) removed here and my point is Dr. Park is awesome. What a blessing to have my fur baby taken care of here. Doctor helped me to my car and everything. Wonderful. We love u guys! Been through a lot but my little girl is happy at home and finally on a new routine. No eyes but she's definitely is a survivor and sassy little thing! Love you guys and thank you.

    Josefina G. Avatar
    Josefina G.
  • I found Integrative Ophthalmology on Yelp as I needed to take my bull terrier Lotti for a professional eye examination. I called in and made an appointment over the phone and online, it was very simple. When we showed up for the appointment it was easy parking and the office was really nice and pleasant. The young lady at reception was really nice and welcoming, she made us feel very comfortable. Another young lady then took us to the examination room where she done a general check on Lotti, she was really sweet with Lotti and again made us all feel very comfortable. Finally the doctor came in and gave a very thorough and deep examination of her eyes. Her bedside manner was exceptional and so sweet with Lotti. She explained everything in detail and we left there feeling 100% taken care of. I would feel comfortable recommending this place to anyone.

    Michael Citrone Avatar
    Michael Citrone
  • 5 star ratingI should have written this some time ago as my dog saw Dr. Park pre-Covid. Anyway, Dr. Park was fantastic. Quickly diagnosed my dog's issue and got him on the path to being well. Very grateful for her expertise.

    Amy A. Avatar
    Amy A.
  • 5 star ratingI have been coming here for a few years now and Dr. Park and staff are amazing. It's not easy dealing with your dogs eye issues but she is super knowledgeable yet explains to you in simple terms. Very friendly office. Yes it's expensive but so are specialists for humans.

    Aladdin S. Avatar
    Aladdin S.
  • 5 star ratingI can only say that I wish my Ophthalmologist would treat me like this Doctor takes care of my Havanese. I found Dr. Park through diligent research on the internet. Getting in touch with her and listening to her approach truly impreseseed me. Doctor spent a good amount of time going through my boy's general health and then a very in depth exam of his eyes. I was concerned at near 14 years of age that the slight haze was the dreaded cataracts. Dr. Park then explained every detail of the ageing process for his specific eyes, and she assured me that everything was about normal. No fancy drugs, just some very sound eye health and preventive maintenance. She even supplied me with really excellent eye cleaning remedies that you have right at home. Dr. Nancy Park is a true gift the animal community.

    Douglas C. Avatar
    Douglas C.
  • 5 star ratingAfter we had Carlton for only 6 weeks he developed cherry eye. Not knowing what to do we took him to a vet recommended by his breeder in Orange County. To make a very long story short he had two failed cherry eye surgical procedures, we were quite concerned. Decided to do my own research online and eventually found Dr. Park.I chose not to write a Yelp review right away as I wanted to be 100% certain that Carlton was perfect. Dr. Park examined him a couple of times, removed sutures in place by the previous vet. She recommended a surgical procedure she was confident would work. Reality is the procedure was 100% successful and our baby Carlton has perfect beautiful eyes today. We could not be more satisfied.These folks treat your pet with love and care. This is a wonderful place to go should you unfortunately ever need a veterinary ophthalmologist. I strongly recommend Dr. Park. You won't find better.

    Jay A. Avatar
    Jay A.
  • 5 star ratingI have two doggos that actually come to Dr. Park. I first came across her when I was searching for ophthalmologists on yelp since one of my dogs has a dry eye condition that wasn't getting any better from our regular veterinary care. It's been about 5 months since my doggo has been under her care and my husband and I have seen so much improvement! My primary vet kept telling me his eye was infected and gave him all these eye drops and antibiotics, ugh I am still pissed about it but when we came to Dr. Park she clearly said it's not infected and gave him the right treatment plan. I'm glad he is doing so much better now. My other dog also had a mass/wart sort of thing coming out from her eyelid and recently had a procedure to get it removed. I am definitely one of those crazy dog moms out there so it's a lot for me to trust someone with my babies. Dr. Park has great bedside manner - a very gentle and sweet woman that explains things thoroughly. I also like that she has in-depth questionnaires about your dog and you can see what kind of element your dog is, "water" "fire", etc. and how their diet is the first step in bettering their health. She actually got us to switch to human-grade food and not kibbles and we've also seen improvement in their stool and overall energy. I would definitely recommend Dr. Park!

    Frances M. Avatar
    Frances M.
  • 5 star ratingI am so thankful to have found Dr. Park here in Yelp to treat my fur baby who had a bad ulceration on his right eye. I was so scared for him but Dr. Park was very knowledgable and gentle, it gave me comfort and piece of mind that my fur baby will be okay because she will help him get better and he definitely did after multiple eyedrops and oral meds prescribed by her! Dr. Park is definitely not after the money but the welfare of our pets!! I wouldnt be surprised if she gets her own space for her clinic because she deserves it! Thanks to Dr. Park my baby's eye healed up really well! Will definitely recommend her to friends and family!!!

    Mrsm M. Avatar
    Mrsm M.
  • 5 star ratingStill 5 stars, Dr Nancy is great, patient in explanting to dog parents and I noticed they have a new online confirmation system for appointments. I also appreciate that they are prompt in responding to emails and sent me my invoices and treatment report quickly. Parking is a little tight in the lot so come prepared for that.

    Arielle V. Avatar
    Arielle V.
  • 5 star ratingOur Pitbull mix Dollar, for about three years, had an issue with his right eye that made him tear up and squint. We took him to Dr. Park two years ago and he was diagnosed with entropion but we were very hesitant to commit to surgery. Instead of steamrolling our concerns about surgery, Dr. Park and her wonderful vet techs tried everything to allay his eye issue non-surgically and recommended diet tips as well (Dollar also has a lot of skin allergies). Finally we decided the only way to truly fix his condition was with surgery and now he's doing much better! They were very transparent and upfront with what the procedure would involve and the cost. All our questions and concerns were answered promptly and they were wonderful handling our dog, who is not the easiest dog to deal with (he's super energetic and strong). I'm really happy to see both of Dollar's eyes again and I'm very pleased that his recovery went pretty smoothly. I also appreciate how after every visit you get emailed a very thorough recap of what was discussed. These are people who truly care and want the best for your pet. Thank you so much Dr. Park!

    Sara S. Avatar
    Sara S.
  • 5 star ratingFantastic clinic and such wonderful caring staff. Level of expertise and attention is 10 out of 10! Thoroughly detailed eye examination for my bull terrier Lotti! Level of service is nothing short of phenomenal! Thank you to all the staff!

    Michael C. Avatar
    Michael C.
  • I wish all veterinarians were more like Dr. Nancy Park. The first thing you notice upon meeting Dr. Park is her sagacity...she is professional, wise, knowledgable and confident which instills a feeling of trust that is so important when dealing with your special companion. Besides these qualities, she is also very caring, loving, and patient with my dog, which means the world to me. My sweet little dog, Daisy, is going blind and I'm more than grateful to have Dr. Park in our corner, holding our hands and guiding us through this difficult process. Can't recommend her more highly!l

    Mitzi Spallas Avatar
    Mitzi Spallas
  • 5 star ratingCan't be more thankful to have found Dr. park and her staff as they made this gut wrenching situation easier for me to handle and deal with.The whole process was nothing but smooth sailing with my Shih Tzu having an unexpected allergic reaction to the Lidocaine but these guys provided stellar aftercare of him AND me (a typical hysterical freaking out mommie).1. Their office is super clean, high tech and well stocked regardless of the size (which happens to be also located in a super cute location).2. The doctor has an awesome demeanor that exudes her genuine love for animals, and explains everything thoroughly in plain English. She's gentle when handling your pet and very knowledgeable!3. The staff are super friendly and personable (although my dog wasn't too fond of the tech after the procedure, but can you blame him?)4. They're totally fair and honest with their prices and billing practices.5. They were above and beyond my expectations in keeping communication easy since it didn't matter if it was weekend, holiday or outside of normal business hours! Thank you Dr Park, Elias, and Melissa! You guys are the best!!

    Suzie K. Avatar
    Suzie K.
  • 5 star ratingI highly recommend Dr. Park! My senior Pekingese has multiple eye issues and we feel in great hands with Dr. Park. She is very responsive. She considers all care options and doesn't pressure you into doing something you don't want to do. She is also responsibly priced. I was spending much more at the regular vet to look after his eye and they were not able to help the way Dr. Park does.

    Leah G. Avatar
    Leah G.
  • 5 star ratingMy little guy's eye was red and swollen. I came to Dr. Park the nbext day and she was amazing! Jax felt very comfortable around her. She was attentive, thorough and explained every step of the examination. I know we found an eye doctor for life. Highly recommended! By the way- two days later and his eye is so much better!

    Kathrine M. Avatar
    Kathrine M.
  • 5 star ratingMy 7 year old French bulldog started to lose his vision suddenly. The primary vet suggested that we take him to see an opthamologist to figure out exactly what was going on. We took him to one locally and wasn't given a clear explanation. The doctor briefly examined our dog and told us our dog was blind as a bat and there was nothing we could do. He had no compassion and didn't have a plan to figure out what was going on. I knew I had to get a second opinion elsewhere. After browsing on Yelp, I found Dr. Park. I left a voicemail on Friday and received a call back the following week due to them being closed weekends. They were able to see us the following day. I drove about 1.5 hours there. After our visit with Dr. Park, I had hope that she would be able to help my dog. She was kind, compassionate, and throughly explained what was going on. We haven't figured out how my dog started to lose his vision, but she has him on a treatment plan. She took time to explain everything and I was able to be on a video zoom while my dog was being evaluated. Its hard going through this, but Dr. Park gave me hope again. We will be returning in two weeks for a follow up. I want to thank her and her staff for the service they provided. I highly recommend this place !!

    Michelle T. Avatar
    Michelle T.
  • 5 star ratingThis review is being written on 4/23/21.Dr. Park and her staff are fantastic. After getting a strong recommendation from another patient's owner, this was the first visit for our 3-year old Winnie. We were worried that he may have suffered an eye injury and wanted the peace of mind of a thorough eye examination.The registration process online was very easy, and the gentleman at the front desk (Joe) was most helpful and accommodating. Winnie and I showed up for his appointment, and all of the COVID safety protocols were followed. I'm vaccinated and don't have any concerns about COVID, but if I did, they would have been quickly put to rest by the clear directions and the procedures followed by Dr. Park's team. On to the visit.... Dr. Park called me while she was examining Winnie. Fortunately, she found nothing major with which to be concerned. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, thorough, and CARING!! It was obvious that she considers not just the eyes, but the overall health of the animals she treats...a truly holistic approach. I was very impressed by her professionalism and detailed explanations of every procedure, finding, and numerous tips to keep in mind in keeping our furry friend healthy for the long term. Final point: Dr. Park's staff's concern and love for animals is obvious and very comforting. Especially for the first visit, you're leaving your beloved pet in the hands of strangers with a large degree of trust, and also don't want your pet to be anxious. I was very reassured by the way the team treated Winnie and made him feel comfortable. Huge relief.If I could give Dr. Park and her team 15 stars out of 10, they would deserve them all. Winnie will be back for his routine eye checkups! Thanks to all. Fabulous experience.David

    Eddie E. Avatar
    Eddie E.
  • Great doctor, location, and people. The appointments actually start on time so there is no waiting and one of the best pet eye doctors in LA by far! My dog had a double cherry eye surgery that Dr. Park did such a wonderful job fixing my little guy. A+++ Highly Recommend!!!!

    Kameron Pearson Avatar
    Kameron Pearson
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