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We are a privately owned, progressive veterinary ophthalmology practice offering comprehensive evaluations, advanced diagnostics (ERG, Gonioscopy, Ocular Ultrasound, etc.) and both medical and surgical therapies (Ciliary Body Ablation, Cryoepilation, Phacoemulsfications, etc.) for our patients. Established in 2013, Integrative Ophthalmology for Pets started out by renting space from various general practice animal clinics in order to have room for exams. As our clientele grew, so did our company. We have moved from renting exam rooms to having our own location near the heart of the Mid-Wilshire district.

Our services include a wide range of integrative therapies, mixing Eastern and Western medical recommendations for our patients. We also promote general ocular wellness and food therapy based on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).

Our Mission Statement

To create a balanced and preventative ocular health care plan based on a thorough ophthalmic examination and recognition of each patient as a whole and unique individual. 

We intend to reinforce our commitment daily by:

  • Honoring the relationship between our clients and their pets
  • Providing the highest quality ophthalmic care and actively engaging clients in their pet’s health care treatment plan
  • Promoting education about veterinary ophthalmology and preventative care
  • Integrating conventional (‘Western’) and complementary (‘Eastern’) therapies when indicated and appropriate
  • Cultivating a positive atmosphere and always maintaining our integrity
  • 5 star ratingDr. Park is absolutely fantastic! Seriously, she's more thorough, knowledgable and caring than most people doctors I have been to. I have an older pug that developed extremely sudden cataracts due to her diabetes. I found Dr. Park on a veterinary ophthalmology site and took a chance giving her a ring and I'm so glad I did. She was able to fit me in right away and took the time to talk to me about my dog's health and ask me questions over the phone, after the phone conversations she sent me new patients forms to fill out before our arrival that even asked about my dog's personality and temperament.The first appointment went smoothly, we were seen right away with no wait at all. Dr. Park did a thorough examination and explained to us every option available, she was very understandable of our finances and did not try to push the expensive surgery option on us at all. At the end of the exam she even gave us lists and suggestions of food we might try to incorporate into my dog's diet that would be good for her specific health issues. Later that day we were very pleasantly surprised to get a summary email that she had taken the time to write up with everything we had discussed in the appointment.Unfortunately, my dog managed to scratch her eye pretty badly after her first appointment and we have been back to see Dr. Park three more times. She has always made herself readily available and responds quickly to any and all questions or concerns we have. If your pet has any eye issues, she is definitely the doctor to go see!

    Jackie T. Avatar
    Jackie T.
  • 1 star ratingThis review is based on the customer service and not the doctors. I called to make an appointment for my foster kitten with an eye ulcer and infection and was told there're booked until August. I asked to book for August and John told me they're not accepting new clients. Then I asked for a recommendation and was told to ask my pet's vet since she's familiar with her health. Again I explained that this is a 4 weeks old kitten I'm fostering and my vet couldn't see her because everyone's completely booked and I'd already taken her to a random vet who told me she me loose her eyesight. He then very rudely told me I should take the kitten back to the rescue and let them deal with it. I told him the rescue will not pay hundreds of dollars that I'm willing to pay due to too many kittens. This is not a place I like to take my pets to even if they had time to see her. I'd imagine if you work in the field of animal care you'd have compassion for pets and their care givers. And if you worked in this special field you'd know other specialist who you can refer the people you turn away with a little more sympathy and understanding.

    Fariba N. Avatar
    Fariba N.
  • 5 star ratingDr Park and her technician Elias are a wonderful team! They evaluated the condition of my dog and gave a green light for cataract surgery. Besides the medical care the work is very well organized. Thanks to the office manager Melissa.

    Elena L. Avatar
    Elena L.
  • 5 star ratingDr Farr is just wonderful !!! We have two Italian greyhounds our girl had a torn cornea and cloudy eye. She worked with us drops and checkups until it was healed . She did t believe in invasive procedure she is healthy and older . Dr Farr was right it healed took some time but worth it. They are all so professional and super nice and they take their time . We only will go there for our pets ! 100 percent the BEST !

    Marianne T. Avatar
    Marianne T.
  • 5 star ratingI was recommended to see a "A very sought after" Ophthalmologist in Los Angeles. I was lucky to get in to meet with him and was very nice and professional, BUT I felt my dog was jus another dog and after the first exam which the prognosis was not good, was told to go back to my Vet for pressure checks. They recommended go go to the ext step with my Dogs Glaucoma and do the Ablation procedure in his bad eye. Felt cold and so third party I decided to do some research and get a second option. Then I was blessed with an even greater opportunity. Dr Park came into out lives. First out initial exam was SOOOOOO thorough. Dr Park probably did 7 extra things to check my and get a better understanding of what is going on with his eyes. My dog nipped her and I felt very bad and she was not shakened. My voice is to muzzle my dog always. She treats him sweetly and with great care and concern. On top of her great pride in her profession, she also has not forgotten to be human and empathetic and you can telll she loves animals and loves what she does. We did end up doing the Ablation but I know it was what we needed to do because Dr. Park was patient, informative, and waited till it was the right time to do it. She calls to followup and has great knowledge and shares various types of medication to maintain my dogs vision regarding the bad eye and fore sure the good eye. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOCTOR PARK. You don't pay for office staff any over fancy offices. You get an AMAZING Doctor who gives 5 Star treatment and results from a Doctor who cares about her patience first.

    G L. Avatar
    G L.
  • 1 star ratingRestaurants are open in full capacity, people sitting next to each other without masks or social distancing, football stadiums are jam packed, airplanes are seating people like sardines, YET this business still mandating their UNSCIENTIFIC rules because it makes it easier for them not to interact with their patients and treat them with segregation! But the doctors and staff LOVE to grab your cash in the parking lot and toss over your fur baby to the curb! Shameful. Such frauds!

    Shadzi W. Avatar
    Shadzi W.
  • 5 star ratingWell where do I start? It has been a long journey with my dog but Dr.Park has been amazing she has gone above and beyond to help out my dog chai get better from last minute appointments to two surgery's.She has done everything possible to make my dog feel better looks like he is finally in the road to recovery fingers and paws cross. I know I can count on her if I encounter a problem with him. She will do anything possible to add me in her scheduled and help me out even If it's last minute. Thank you Dr. Park for not giving up on him we are truly blessed to have found you. People don't waist your time going elsewhere she is amazing,loving and passionate about animals. She will take the time and love with your pet I'm so grateful to have found her for my dogs needs. Thank youAgain for your time and dedication with my pup

    Kendra S. Avatar
    Kendra S.
  • 5 star ratingI had previously written a review of Dr. Park and Integrative Opthamology But I needed to edit it and Yelp does not allow you to edit your reviews once they are posted. My last review was written in March of 2018, and I gave Dr. Park and her team 5-stars then, and I continue to give them 5 stars. When it comes to eyes, you have to go to the best, which is why my Daisy is still a patient there. Daisy has cataracts, and unfortunately they have only gotten worse, despite the drops we've been using. I was hoping to not have to consider surgery but I can see that Dr. Park believes this is the best option. I thought she did the surgeries herself, but instead gave me the names of surgeons in the area, I believe she WILL be doing surgeries in the future so if we can wait, we will. Her office is very modern, and you can tell she keeps abreast of the newest technologies and equipment available. I believe she also keeps up with new research all of the time. She and her staff are so good with my dog, who is afraid of everyone, including her own shadow. They spoke to her in a soft voice and handled her gently. This means the world to me!She is pricey, but she is a specialist, and deserving of her rates. lf you want the best for your dog, you've come to the right place!

    Mitzi S. Avatar
    Mitzi S.
  • 5 star ratingAfter we had Carlton for only 6 weeks he developed cherry eye. Not knowing what to do we took him to a vet recommended by his breeder in Orange County. To make a very long story short he had two failed cherry eye surgical procedures, we were quite concerned. Decided to do my own research online and eventually found Dr. Park.I chose not to write a Yelp review right away as I wanted to be 100% certain that Carlton was perfect. Dr. Park examined him a couple of times, removed sutures in place by the previous vet. She recommended a surgical procedure she was confident would work. Reality is the procedure was 100% successful and our baby Carlton has perfect beautiful eyes today. We could not be more satisfied.These folks treat your pet with love and care. This is a wonderful place to go should you unfortunately ever need a veterinary ophthalmologist. I strongly recommend Dr. Park. You won't find better.

    Jay A. Avatar
    Jay A.
  • 5 star ratingThe best. Just, the absolute best ophthalmologist. Me and my pug got the absolute care from the staff to the Vet. My experience here, which thus far consists of two visits and a few refills, has been an absolute dream. Appointment scheduling, relaying medical records, appointment reminders, questions, concerns, emails, voicemails: all handled promptly and with the utmost professionalism. What's more, that level of efficiency removed the stress and allowed me to focus on being there for my pug. As for Dr. Park-Dorner: aside from my pug's regular vet, I have never felt like he was in better hands. She's brilliant, experienced, and absolutely determined to get your fur baby back to normal, if not better. Trust me, if your four-legged kid needs to see an ophthalmologist, there's no better place than IOP. Side note: if you've read the bad reviews and end up coming here like I did, you're 1) going to be so happy you did, and 2) going to feel let down by the Yelp community a little bit. I have no idea how those Yelpers could get it so wrong and why they're standing in the way of IOP getting 5 stars. Seriously, no one should hesitate one millisecond to come here!

    Laura N. Avatar
    Laura N.
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