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Dr. Nancy Park-Dorner | Veterinary Ophthalmologist

Raised in the suburbs of New York City and educated on the East Coast, Dr. Park-Dorner relocated to Southern California to enjoy the excellent quality of life, which is what she strives to provide for her clients and their pets. It is for this reason that she began studying complementary or ‘Eastern’ Veterinary medicine as well, to add more ‘tools’ to her tool belt, if you will.

The most influential individual in this decision was her Doberman, Red, whom she adopted when he was six years old. He was born blind and diagnosed with prostate cancer at eight years of age. Prostate cancer is a very malignant and difficult cancer to treat, and so Red was given a six- to 12-month prognosis. In addition to accepted conventional or ‘Western’ treatments, Dr. Park-Dorner integrated food therapy, herbal medications, and acupuncture. Although a firm believer and established practitioner of Western Veterinary medicine, she believes that the combination of conventional and complementary medications and treatments allowed Red to live comfortably for 2 additional years.

For Dr. Park-Dorner, Red’s life serves as a testament to the benefits of complementary Eastern medicine in conjunction with conventional Western medicine when it is indicated and appropriate. She hopes that you will give her the opportunity to help you and your pet.

Our Mission Statement

To create a balanced and preventative ocular health care plan based on a thorough ophthalmic examination and recognition of each patient as a whole and unique individual. 

We intend to reinforce our commitment daily by:

  • Honoring the relationship between our clients and their pets
  • Providing the highest quality ophthalmic care and actively engaging clients in their pet’s health care treatment plan
  • Promoting education about veterinary ophthalmology and preventative care
  • Integrating conventional (‘Western’) and complementary (‘Eastern’) therapies when indicated and appropriate
  • Cultivating a positive atmosphere and always maintaining our integrity
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