Our Mission Statement

To create a balanced and preventative ocular health care plan based on a thorough ophthalmic examination and recognition of each patient as a whole and unique individual.

We intend to reinforce our commitment daily by:

  • Honoring the relationship between our clients and their pets
  • Providing the highest quality ophthalmic care and actively engaging clients in their pet’s health care treatment plan
  • Promoting education about veterinary ophthalmology and preventative care
  • Integrating conventional (‘Western’) and complementary (‘Eastern’) therapies when indicated and appropriate
  • Cultivating a positive atmosphere and always maintaining our integrity

About Veterinary Ophthalmology

A veterinary ophthalmologist is a board-certified specialist trained in the medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the animal eye. In addition to obtaining undergraduate (four years) and veterinary (four years) degrees, one typically completes a general internship (one year) followed by a residency specifically in veterinary ophthalmology (three years).