We have updated our system to offer access to our IOP Customer Portal!

Through our portal, you can check our live schedule to see our first available appointment.

When you are ready, make a account to book your appointment directly to our schedule.

Our customer portal will useful to book future appointments, update your contact information, access previous invoices, and even add more pets to set up appointments for!

We are currently working on a way to also provide access to your pet’s medical records so stay tuned!

Click the link below to obtain more information about our updated exam prices and fees.

Exams and Prices


Initial Comprehensive Exams

Want more information about what this appointment includes? Click here to find out!


OFA Breeder Certification Exam


Follow Up Exam

*We have seen your pet within the past year.*


Follow Up Exam

*Pet has not been seen by us in a year or more.*


Initial Exam for New Pet

*Pet has been has not been seen by us.*


Technician Appointment for a Single Diagnostic

*Scheduled per Dr. Park-Dorner’s instruction.*