We are located at 5162 Wilshire Blvd, on the southeast corner of Sycamore and Wilshire. Our parking lot has a Wilshire entrance (eastbound access) and a Sycamore entrance (south of Wilshire). Due to Wilshire construction, intermittently one of the two entrances are blocked due to construction.


Construction for the Metro Purple Line Extension along Wilshire Blvd has increased chances of heavy traffic. There will be intermittent road closures and left/right turns prohibited occasionally on various streets. This is subject to change on any given day and completely out of our control.

Below are basic guidelines for directions to best avoid construction prohibitions on the way to our clinic, depending on your direction of travel. We recommend using your preferred navigation system (i.e. Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Yelp, etc.) to guide you through the area in case one or more streets are blocked. Please keep in mind that some programs are not updated on the most recent street closures so we recommended that you give yourself enough travel time to avoid the need to reschedule due to late arrivals.
If you’re coming from the North: (101 freeway, Hollywood, North Hollywood, etc.)

If you’re coming from the North:(101 Freeway, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Etc.)

Traveling southbound, you can either come along Highland Avenue or La Brea. If taking Highland Ave., it is best if you make a right turn onto 6th street and follow it along until you can make a left turn onto S. Sycamore Ave. Once you’re on Sycamore, you will either turn left onto Wilshire and enter our parking from its Wilshire access or you will cross the intersection and immediately turn left to enter from the Sycamore access. If taking La Brea, simply make a left onto Wilshire and access our parking just after the Sycamore intersection.

If you’re coming from the East:

Traveling westbound on Wilshire, we recommend making a left turn on Mansfield to avoid construction blocks. Once you make the left turn, you will make a right turn on 8th street to essentially go around the block. Follow 8th street until your reach Sycamore Ave., at which point you will make a right turn. You will be able to access our parking lot on the right side, at the top of the block just before Wilshire.

If you’re coming from the South:

Traveling northbound, you can travel a variety of ways. The most direct street to travel would be La Brea but below is a map showing alternative routes.

If you’re coming from the West:

Traveling eastbound on Wilshire, you can access our parking lot via the Wilshire access. This will be available on your right, immediately following the Sycamore intersection.