At Integrative Ophthalmology for Pets, the “Integrative” part is our incorporation of Eastern herbal and food therapies with Western medicines and treatments. Because we do evaluate your pet as a whole, we will discuss any systemic problems that may have contributed to your pet’s eye condition(s), if relevant, and make specific recommendations to address them.

Food Therapy

Dr. Nancy Park-Dorner may make various food therapy recommendations based on your pet’s temperament, Chi personality, temperature preference and current diet (all information gathered from our New Patient Registration Forms). These recommendations are specific to your pet and related to the eye condition(s) that she will discuss with you.

*Our recommendations are made with your pet’s general health in mind. If your pet is on a prescription diet from your primary veterinarian or under the care of a veterinary nutritionist, you may need to consult with them first before making any dietary changes. *

Herbal Therapy

Dependent on your pet’s ocular condition(s), Dr. Park-Dorner may recommend specific herbal therapies or various supplements. These recommendations will be specific to your pet, your pet’s conditions, and your pet’s temperament with accepting oral medications and supplements.

If you have any questions about our alternative therapies, please contact us today at (323) 992-6962. Please keep in mind that we are not able to discuss what therapies we would recommend for your pet without an exam, as every pet is an individual and every individual is different to some degree.