Basic non-invasive diagnostics will be performed at each consultation as necessary to obtain baseline values and assess response to therapy. These include the Schirmer Tear Test (STT) to measure tear production (only performed in dogs), a Tonometry to measure intraocular pressure (IOP), fluorescein dye test to check for ulcers/abrasions, corneal health and tear quality and last but not least, a chromatic light testing to assess structural integrity of ocular reflexes. A thorough eye examination will be performed using various instruments including a slit lamp biomicroscope and indirect ophthalmoscopy. A slit lamp biomicroscope is a microscope used to view the front portion of the eye and indirect ophthalmoscopy is a technique used to view the back portion of eye including the retina. Pupillary dilation is usually not necessary.

Following the exam, the doctor reviews the general anatomy and physiology of the eye during the initial evaluation so that you may more thoroughly understand the condition of your pet’s eye(s) and the reason for any recommended treatments. Afterwards, a detailed explanation of your pet’s condition and options for treatment will be provided.

The timeframe of our comprehensive exams ranges anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of exam and your pet’s condition. After each exam, we review your pet’s condition with you so that you can better understand our recommendations. Because we do evaluate your pet as a whole, we will discuss any systemic problems that may have contributed to your pet’s eye condition(s), if relevant. If we find there are systemic concerns, then we will recommend you follow up with your primary veterinarian.

During your consult, we will also discuss if there are other dietary changes or oral supplements that we believe may help with the eyes. Depending on your pet’s condition, we may offer various medical and/or surgical treatments. To learn more about the various conditions we treat, please visit Ocular Treatments and Surgeries.

If you have any questions about our comprehensive exams, please feel free to reach out to us by calling in at (323) 992-6962 or via our Contact Us page.