The fees for our comprehensive exams include basic diagnostics that are considered standard to assess the overall health of the eye. These diagnostics include a Schirmer Tear Test (usually for dogs only, to measure tear production), a Tonometry (to check eye pressure) and a Fluorescein stain test (to test for ulcers, corneal health and tear quality). Of course, depending on the severity of condition and situation, all diagnostics may not be performed.


Exam Prices 

Initial Comprehensive Exam and Consultation: $320.00

Initial Comprehensive Exam and Consultation for Additional Pet: $260.00

Follow Up Comprehensive Exam : $180.00

Follow Up Comprehensive Exam (Greater than 18 months): $240.00

Single Diagnostic Technician Appointment for Pressure Checks, Tear Tests, or Fluorescein Staining: $85.00

Telemedicine Follow-Up Consultation with Dr. Park-Dorner (first 15-minutes): $106

OFA Breeder Certification Exam

Special Exams

(PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently scheduling these exams while curbside protocols are in place.)

General Preventative Ocular Wellness Exam: $81

A limited preventative eye exam for pets without current eye problems. The goal of these exams is to educate pet parents on preventative ocular care and how to detect eye problems early. This is not comprehensive ocular exam.

Initial Exam for Exotics: $200.00

Pet parents must be comfortable holding and restraining their pet. Our doctor will consult with your general exotics veterinarian to formulate a medical plan for your pet based on our ocular exam, as we are not exotics specialists.

Feel free to Schedule An Appointment today. Once you have made your appointment, please send us your completed Registration Forms and be sure to bring any oral and topical meds you have for your pet along with an E-collar (i.e. Elizabethan Collar, ‘Lamp Shade’, ‘Cone of Shame’, etc.) if you already own one.

We look forward to helping you and your pet very soon!