Hi all!

We are so excited that things are finally starting to get back to normal in Los Angeles! We encourage everyone to remain safe and diligent during this recovery!

We know a lot of people are excited to throw their masks out of the window (some quite literally haha) so we thought to write out this update to best prepare our clients.

As of June 15th, we will make some slight adjustments to our protocols, however, will not yet be opening our doors and will continue to offer Curbside services.

Here’s Why…

Due to limited staffing and the high volume of appointments, we are unable to reopen our doors without it affecting our customer service capabilities or our appointment schedule negatively.

In order to reopen our doors immediately and accommodate in-person appointments, we would need to reduce our appointment schedule by up to 50% . This would need to happen to ensure that we have enough time to disinfect our exam rooms and lobby after each appointment. That means a lot of pets would have to wait longer than they should for an appointment. We are in the process of hiring and adjusting our efficiency so that we can reopen our doors sooner than later without making more pets wait to be seen.

Additionally, we are considering the safety and health of our staff with our protocols. As you may already know, Dr. Nancy Park-Dorner is our only ophthalmologist, so ensuring her wellbeing as well as our supporting staff is our utmost priority; we would hate to have to temporarily close down should anyone become ill. We hope you understand.


Until we reopen the clinic, we are making a few accommodations in light of June 15th:

We will not require face coverings when handing your pets off for their appointment outside, however our staff will continue to wear them.

*We ask that you consider donning the mask for the brief minute that you will be transferring your pet for the safety of our staff. Even regular colds can be prevented this way.

While we will not require “social distancing”, we do ask that you wait at the Yellow Stickers around the door for pet traffic purposes.

*We ask that you consider maintaining a small distance when interacting with staff in general though. Some personal space bubbles are bigger than others.

We will still require that all pets are on leashes or in pet carriers, for their safety. We will not take your pet from your arms.

*We do have an extra leash for use but we do not have carriers so please come prepared.


When Will We Reopen and What Will That Look Like?

Since there are quite a few things for us to work on before we can allow clients into the clinic, as well as the concern that COVID-19 cases may rise once masks are no longer required everywhere, our current projected date for reopening is after the holidays.

Of course, this subject to change pending hiring and COVID-19 case rates.

Once we allow clients into the clinic again, here are few things of note:

We will require face coverings be worn at all times while within the clinic.

*If you do not want to wear a face covering, that’s okay – we will still offer curbside as an alternative with Zoom or phone consultations.

We will only allow one pet parent per pet in the clinic.

*You are more than welcome to video chat with anyone while we perform the exam.

We continue to offer contactless payment for credit card transactions and will not accept cash or checks.

We will have specific appointment times for in-person appointments to ensure that we have adequate time to sanitize between patrons.

*If your schedule cannot accommodate that time, we can schedule you for a curbside alternative with Zoom or phone consultation during the exam.

We will have hand sanitizing stations in the lobby and each exam room, as well as a gender-neutral, wheelchair accessible bathroom available for use.


We will keep everyone updated via our website and social media when things change. In the meantime, we thank you for your understanding and willingness to work with us during these changes.

– The friendly staff of Integrative Ophthalmology for Pets

(Dr. Park-Dorner, Melissa D., Cynthia P., Jackie A., and Joe G.)

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