As the cost of veterinary services rises, people are looking for alternatives to help them pay for their pets’ care. They want to be able to give their pets the very best medical care they can, but sometimes it can be hard to do financially.

Pet insurance can help. Most plans reimburse owners for a part of, or sometimes the whole, veterinary bill when pets are ill or injured. Some plans even help when pets die or get lost or stolen. As the costs continue to increase, more owners are looking for plans that cover preventative medicine like routine exams and vaccinations.

Many companies offer pet insurance. They each have multiple plans to help owners afford the best medical care for their pets. Many plans allow owners to choose a deductible or coinsurance they are comfortable paying. This changes the monthly premium so all owners can be happy with the coverage that works best for them.

Here are some possible choices owners may have when it comes to picking insurance for their pets:

  • How much they can afford to pay each month.
  • Whether preventative medicine is included in the plan.
  • Whether pre-existing conditions are covered. This means if a pet is diagnosed with a condition before their owners get insurance, does the insurance have to cover the bills to pay for that condition?
  • How much of the bill will be reimbursed. Some plans cover all or a part of the bill. Some cover only what they think the veterinary hospital should be charging you instead of what they are really charging you.
  • If there are any limits to your pets’ coverage. Some insurance plans will only pay for a problem once or set a dollar amount per condition. Companies may also have yearly limits or even limits of how much they will pay during a pets’ lifetime.

We do provide exam summaries (emailed within 48 hours) and itemized invoices (immediately upon check-out) after each exam. Please let us know in advance if your insurance company in particular requires that the exam and diagnostic fees be separated. This information should be sufficient for most insurance companies. You are responsible for filling out and submitting your pet’s insurance forms. If a form does require the doctor’s signature we are happy to sign it for you. The vast majority of forms actually do not require our office or doctors to fill anything out directly. We are happy to help, but the forms are ultimately the pet parent’s responsibility.

Pet insurance is something to consider, especially if your pets are young. However, take your time to study each plan to find the perfect one for you and your pets. Feel free to contact us here at (323) 992-6962 with any questions. We would be glad to help.