Dogs intended for breeding or as service dogs often require certification that they are free from hereditary ocular diseases.  Only board certified ophthalmologists can perform these examinations.

Eye certification examinations do not include the basic diagnostic tests offered during our regular consultations.  It involves temporary dilation of the eyes followed by evaluation of the entire eye and surrounding structures.  The dilation usually lasts approximately five hours so please take this into account when scheduling your eye certification appointment.

Both OFFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) provide official certification.

Following the examination, we will fill out an OFFA form.  We no longer carry CERF forms.  You are responsible for submission of the forms and any fees due to OFFA in addition to our eye certification exam fee.  If any abnormalities are identified on the eye certification exam, we may recommend a full consultation and/or further diagnostic testing.  We only report what we observe and are not responsible for the certification itself.  If you have any questions or concerns about the outcome as determined by OFFA or CERF, you must contact them directly.

If you have more than 40 dogs that require eye certification examinations, you may request an eye certification clinic at a separate location where we can hold an OFFA clinic.

The fee for an in-house OFFA exam is $65.00 per dog and $60.00 per dog for an OFFA clinic not including applicable travel fees.

Please inquire at (323) 992-6962 for further details.